Welcome to the East Sutherland Art Society Website.


We are a long established art society based  in East Sutherland,

which attracts members from the wider area as well. Our main

aim is to promote art and learning among our members who are

mainly residents of East Sutherland and nearby areas.

Our members are a mix of both amateur, semi professional and

professional artists. So welcome! Whether you are a complete

beginner, or a more experienced artist, there should be something

for you in this friendly art society!



The AGM will be at 2pm on Saturday 11 November 2023 at West Church Hall, Sutherland Road in Dornoch.

All members are welcome to attend. Feedback about the society in general and our activities/workshops throughout the year are welcome.

We'd love to see as many of you as possible.

Refreshments will be provided!






Members please Note!

There have been a few issues with some email addresses that we send out information to.

If you have not received any emails from us for some time, please email organiser@eastsuthelandartsociety.co.uk and we will endeavour to get future emails to you. 

Please also let us know if you have changed your email address or home address!



Click on our MEMBERS PAGE to see examples of our work


and on  MY WORK SPACE to see where some of us

create that work!

See how some of us use sketchbooks for quick studies and

notes for future reference by clicking on  SKETCHBOOK




MEMBERSHIP FORM: contact organiser@eastsuthelandartsociety.co.uk



This website is updated roughly once a month. If you feel something should be changed please email organiser@eastsuthelandartsociety.co.uk



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